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  • Dear Michael: Going bald — time to buzz?

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  • Dear Michael,
    I am an older gentleman with the balding genes. My young manís full head of blondish hair combed in the Princeton style has thinned out and now the hair has receded on my forehead, and I have that bald pate in the back. I still have some hair on the very tip top, and sides are full and hair low on the back of the head is thick. My dad used to do the comb over by dropping his part lower each year ... which I thought looked hideous. My son, who has inherited an even worse case of the balds, has given up and is buzzing his head, but I donít think that looks that great, albeit modern. I thought of buzzing mine to see what my head looks like, but my wife says NO ... not until I lose 30 lbs. I have been getting a boyís regular for years, but wonder if I should grow it out a bit or just buzz it. What advice can you give me?
    Dear Mr. Tonsured,
    I had to look up your name ó my readers are always expanding my vocabulary. So I agree with you that the comb over look is hideous. I would be hairless before I would do that. You could buzz your head, but I donít think you have to go that drastic. A boyís regular cut isnít going to work for you anymore. I would try going short and tight on the sides, and a little longer in the back (to help cover that bald spot). Iím not sure how much hair you have left on the top of your head, but if there is a decent amount, I would keep it fairly long and use some product and spike up the front to give a more full appearance. A good product to use would be a firm hold gel. An experienced stylist will be able to help you achieve the look you want while hiding the places that you donít want to accentuate. Donít give in to the balding genes just yet!
    Your Diva Michael
    Dear Michael,
    My parents are recently divorced. All of their kids are adults, and it was a joint decision that was fairly easy (as easy as divorces can be). They still live in the same town (different homes) and see each other regularly. My sister is being deployed next week, and there is going to be a sendoff ceremony in another part of the state. Because of the distance, my mother has suggested that we all carpool. My brother and I are not keen on the idea. When I brought up that it may be uncomfortable, she didnít seem to understand. Should we just suck it up and all go on a long, uncomfortable car ride or should I try to get my mother to understand?
    Page 2 of 2 - Sincerely,
    In the Middle
    Dear Miss Middle,
    You said that you and your siblings are adults. Doesnít one of you have a car? If youíre uncomfortable going with your parents, then why donít you just go with your brother in a separate vehicle? It sounds like your parents are OK with each other, and that itís you that has the issue. Donít get me wrong, girlfriend, Iím not saying that negatively. Itís normal and understandable to have some issues after a divorce, but I donít think you are going to be able to explain that to your mother. If they feel that it is practical to carpool, let them. If you arenít comfortable with that arrangement, find your own way there. Human relationships are not cut and dry. While one divorced couple may not be able to stand the sight of each other, another may remain close friends. How your parents handle their situation is for them to decide.
    Your Diva Michael
    Dear Michael,
    My mother-in-law is a very sweet woman, but sheís a little overbearing. I recently had a baby, and I havenít lost all of my baby weight yet. She bought me a bunch of clothes in my pre-baby size and said that it is ďmotivationĒ for me. Iím hurt, but my husband doesnít seem to understand what the issue is. Am I overtired and crazy, or should I be offended?
    Two Sizes Too Small
    Dear Miss Too Small,
    You opened by calling your mother-in-law sweet. I hope this incident is just a fluke, because she does not sound particularly sweet. Of course you should be offended! Did you ask her for motivation to lose weight? I assume you did not. She should keep her opinion and her ďmotivationĒ to herself. You should donate the clothing and when she asks about it, tell her that it didnít fit so you didnít have a use for it. Your husband is probably immune to his mother, which is why he doesnít see the issue. Iíll lay it out for everyone, though: Actions like that are not motivation; they are an insult. If she really wanted to help, she could offer to watch the baby so you could get out and take a walk. She could offer to make you a healthy dinner. Buying items that she knew would not fit you was just mean. I would treat it as an insult and nothing less, regardless of what your husband says.
    Your Diva Michael
    Michael Serode is the owner/operator of Salon Serode in Pembroke, Mass., and your divine advice columnist. Send questions to salonserode@gmail.com.
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