Scores of volunteers are continuing a relief effort in Yates County after storms caused severe flooding in several communities, including Penn Yan.

American Red Cross Volunteers opened a shelter at Penn Yan Academy at 305 Court St. early Wednesday morning, which remains open at this time.

Food, water and clean-up kits will be available. Many people have received assistance at the shelter so far, including three overnight residents Wednesday. Area residents affected by flooding and in a non-emergency situation are asked to call 1-877-754-3711 and a volunteer responder will assist them.

Anyone wishing to help people affected by fires, flooding or other disasters is asked to consider donating to the Disaster Relief Fund by calling 1-800-REDCROSS, visiting, or texting the word REDCROSS to 90999 to charge a $10 donation to their cell phone bill.

To make a donation that will be specifically directed to Penn Yan area flood relief, you can call the Development office at the Rochester office of American Red Cross. The numbers there are 585-241-4421 or 585-241-4420.

The Living Well on East Elm Street in Penn Yan is also helping the community with donations and volunteers for more information.

Other area groups who are offering free help include the following:

We have Mennonite Relief Teams that are looking to help with storm related damages to individual homeowners free.  They will help with yard cleanup, home cleanup, home repairs.  If water damage to the homes, they will replace wet dry wall, electrical, etc.

The Living Well of the United Methodist Churches of Yates County is an organization that has people waiting to help with clean up.  They also have food, dry goods, utilities and referral services.  Their contact number is 315-521-6883.

The American Baptist Men Disaster Relief also has a team of people that will help with disaster relief, clean up, restoration, spraying for mold.  You may contact them at

You can get in touch with any of these groups if you would like to lend a hand.

A number of relief facebook pages have been set up for various businesses.