We reveal seven of the strangest, most extreme celebrity diets.

Celebrities are reaching for the moon to achieve their weight loss goals, quite literally. Stars will try everything in their dogged quest for thinness, no matter how bizarre—from eating according to the lunar phases to eating nothing but cookies. Listed below are seven of the craziest celebrity diets:

Werewolf Diet

Just as werewolves follow the pattern of the moon, followers of the so-called "Werewolf Diet" must only drink water or freshly-pressed fruit and vegetable juices during full moon and new moon phases. Demi Moore and Madonna are fans of the Werewolf Diet, which claims you can lose up to six pounds in 24 hours. The theory states that the same pressure that the moon exerts on the ocean is exerted on the water in your body, causing your body to release even more water and toxins than usual.

Baby Food Diet

Have you ever seen your mom enjoying a cup of bland baby food? Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, and Lady Gaga have all tried the baby food diet, which advocates replacing regular food with pureed baby foods. Apparently, this diet is thought to eliminate toxicity in your body and help you lose weight, but spending your adult years eating food made for babies seems a bit…well, sad.

M-plan Diet

Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne claim the M-plan helps them lose weight without shrinking their bust. This 2-week diet replaces your lunch and dinner with a mushroom dish. The idea is that low-calorie mushrooms are full of protein and nutrition to keep you full longer. As nutritionist and health broadcaster Jeanette Jackson said to Mail Online, “The mushroom diet, just like the fungi itself, means you keep weight where you want it up top and shed pounds where you don’t below!”

Cookie Diet

After gaining weight from excessive drinking while filming the show “Jersey Shore,” Snooki tried Dr. Siegal’s cookie diet in a bid to lose weight. As part of this diet plan, Snooki ate six 90-calorie cookies a day with one small meal. Don’t get too excited, though: Dr. Siegal’s cookies are made from a blend of beef and milk protein, making them nothing like a savory, chocolate-chip cookie.

Mono Diet

For this diet, you simply choose one food, preferably a fruit or vegetable, and only eat that food. If you were to choose bananas, for instance, you would eat bananas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, hence why this diet is also dubbed the “boredom diet.” Jennifer Aniston, a fan of mono-dieting, reportedly ate the same Cobb salad every day for the 10 years she played Rachel on “Friends.”

Ancient Grains Diet

Angelina Jolie follows this birdlike diet, eating only ancient grains like amaranth, quinoa, millet, chia seeds, kamut, spelt and buckwheat. While Jolie is enthusiastic about the health benefits of the Ancient Grains diet—crediting it for her shiny skin—she collapsed from exhaustion during the filming of “Unbroken," and we're pretty sure that her measly diet had something to do with it. What’s more, she has shrunk to a drastic 93 pounds since starting this extreme diet.

Breatharian Diet


Breatharians believe they can survive on “prana,” which means “life air” in Sanskrit. With this diet, you can consume two things: light and air. No food, no water—nothing. Michelle Pfieffer has admitted that she was a member of a cult following this diet, according to So Feminine. The Breatharian diet is highly inadvisable, for obvious reasons.

No matter how desperate you are to lose weight, don’t resort to extreme diets like these—they won’t allow you to acquire necessary nutrients and could end up leaving you sick. To boost metabolism and keep you full, try eating smaller, healthy meals or snacks more frequently throughout the day. And, whatever you do, please do not join a cult of Breatharians.

This article originally appeared as on Spry Living