There was a higher turnout and the vote was once again close, but this time, the Addison Central School District’s budget proposal for the 2014-15 school year passed.

The $27 million budget was approved by voters Tuesday, 341 to 296. It includes a property tax levy increase of 1.48 percent.

It was Addison’s second attempt to get a budget passed. The original proposal, which had a 2 percent tax hike, was rejected by voters on May 20, falling by a margin of 211 to 202. It was one of only 12 school budgets in the state to fail.

If the budget had been shot down a second time, the district would have been forced adopt a contingency budget.

“There’s a lot of relief, a lot of happy people who were up here waiting for the results,” said Addison Superintendent Joe DioGuardi. “It was absolutely a positive outcome.”

“It was a long month to get ready for the re-vote,” DioGuardi said. “It was costly in terms of time and manpower, but we’re focusing on the positive.”

After the first vote, administration and the school board trimmed about $36,000 from the budget by switching to a new workers’ compensation carrier, and reducing the amount designated for unemployment and health insurance, contractual expenses and supplies.

A contingency budget would have eliminated bus purchases and energy efficiency upgrades for the coming school year, and spending on supplies and equipment would have been restricted. The district would have been required to charge outside organizations to use school facilities. Program and staff cuts were also possible.