A Corning resident who was killed while trying to save his fellow soldiers in Vietnam in 1969 will have an area bridge dedicated in his honor on Saturday.

At 1 p.m. Saturday, the Mill Street Bridge over Pine Creek - just off Route 6 in Galeton, Pa. - will be dedicated for Clark R. Douglas, who was killed in Vietnam in 1969 at the age of 21.

Douglas was a Galeton native who lived in Corning in the late 1960’s while working at the former A&P plant in Horseheads, just before he was drafted for the Vietnam War.

He was killed while serving as an Army medic, stationed at Fire Support Base Jerri in Phuoc Long Province. He was one of five soldiers killed when the base was heavily shelled on Nov. 11, 1969.

Douglas had left a bunker and crawled forward to give medical aid to his fellow soldiers who’d been wounded during the attack when a mortar round struck the ground near him, mortally wounding him, according to the citation from a Distinguished Service Cross he was awarded posthumously.

The citation is listed on his memorial page at www.virtualwall.org.

“During the early morning hours of Nov. 11 a massive enemy shelling broke the silence, raining destruction on the compound and inflicting severe casualties among the men manning the perimeter bunkers,” the citation states. “Without hesitation, Specialist Douglas moved immediately from the safety of his bunker toward cries for assistance. Although thrown to the ground by the burst of an impacting round only meters from his position, he crawled persistently forward into the fusillade. As soon as he reached the first wounded man, he began rendering assistance in a calm, professional manner. Just then, an enemy mortar round struck the ground nearby, inflicting mortal wounds.”

The push to honor Douglas in his hometown was led by a soldier from his platoon.

Douglas’ family and friends from as far away as Texas will be attending Saturday’s ceremony, said his sister-in-law, Angie Brush of Galeton. Douglas still has family in Steuben County, Brush added.

VFW representatives and elected officials will take part in Saturday’s ceremony. The bridge will be dedicated as the Private First Class Clark Robert Douglas Memorial Bridge, according to Rep. Martin Causer.