CORNING — Rep. Tom Reed, R-Corning, expressed his intent to continue his work from his previous term going into his next one during a media call Wednesday.

“I am very excited about what we have on the agenda, and I think this will help positively impact people of the 23rd congressional district and people of the country,” he said.

Reed emphasized that most-importantly, he wants to remain accessible to constituents within the 23rd District, while continuing hosting town halls and making public appearances.

“The first priority is making sure that we remain accessible, that we conduct the town halls, and the tele-town halls, and just being available with roundtables and inputs with the voices of the men and women across the 23rd Congressional District,” Reed said.

“And also... that we use our relationships, and our abilities with our team, to make sure that the interests of the individuals are being responded to and addressed,” he added.

Policy-wise, Reed said his goals will include his continued support for local manufacturing, and prioritizing efforts to fight and alleviate poverty throughout the area.

“I’m firmly committed to US manufacturing,” he said. “I’m very optimistic about manufacturing coming back to the area, and we’re going to make that a top priority for the next two years.”

“And also, as we’re going forward, I want to make sure that we’re doing things a little different, breaking up the status quo when it comes to our welfare programs, and making sure that we are taking on poverty in a way that is going to root out the causes of it, not just deal with the symptoms,” he added.

Reed won re-election on Nov. 8 against democratic challenger John Plumb and will begin his third full term representing the 23rd district in January.