Regional Editor

HORNELL — New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to visit at Alstom in Hornell this morning.

Local officials said they did not know what the visit is about, but elected officials from Hornell were invited to an 11 a.m. event and Hornell City Police have met with the New York State Police concerning the safety detail on Tuesday, the Evening Tribune has learned.

Gov. Cuomo has not made a public announcement concerning the $2.45 billion Amtrak contract landed by Alstom which is creating 750 jobs, 400 in Hornell to produce the new Amtrak high-speed line, the Acela Express.

The state had offered $30 million to help land the contract, however, that was over time and contingent on money invested in Hornell. During the announcement of landing the $2.45 billion contract, those figures were not discussed by the state, which could be addressed by Gov. Cuomo today.

There is another long-shot Gov. Cuomo could announce, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) R211 bid award.

That $3 billion contract is expected to be awarded early in 2017, but proposals were due on July 22 and an exact date to award the bid has not been announced.

According to MTA, the R211 contract is for 1,025 cars on the New York City subway line and they will feature Wifi, USB chargers and opening to move freely between cars while the subway moving. The new subway cars will also have digital displays (there are new digital touch-screen displays at some stations on the platform), digital advertising and announcements and lights for door open and closing alerts.

Alstom in Hornell has a 700,000-square-foot facility and is the largest passenger rail manufacturing facility in North America.