PAINTED POST - The Southern Tier Central Regional Planning and Development Board held a comprehensive master plan meeting in Painted Post Wednesday evening and discussed the results of the board’s preliminary master plan survey.

STC said it received 149 completed surveys out of the 840 sent to residents - as well as those filled out online and picked up at village hall - amounting to 17.7 percent of the surveys sent out from 8.2 percent of the village's total population.

“Generally speaking, what we received… was representative age-wise of the community. We got a pretty good distribution,” STC Senior Planner Chelsea Robertson said.

Of the age groups, 1 percent of respondents are under 18 or 18-24; 8 percent are 25-34; 14 percent are 35-44; 16 percent are 45-54; 19 percent are 55-64; 24 percent are 65-74, and 18 percent are over 75.

Of the respondents, 88 percent are homeowners; 5 percent are renters; 5 percent are business owners; and 2 percent classify under other/non-resident.

“Most of the people that responded were homeowners, and 54 percent had lived there over 20 years,” Robertson said.

For the remainder, 20 percent have lived in the village for 10-19 years; 11 percent for 5-9 years; 14 percent for 1-4 years; and 1 percent under a year.

Of the type of housing respondents would most prefer to be built in the village, single family homes garnered the most support, with 65 percent strongly supporting it. Owner housing and market housing were also favored.

75 percent of respondents would not support the construction of more multi-family homes with more than four residents.

30 percent of respondents said the main economic issue facing the village is that there aren’t enough jobs, while 25 percent said there aren’t enough skilled jobs.

52 percent said they'd prefer more access to more village services within village limits. 

Residents said there were various outdoor recreation amenities they would like to see improved too. 

25 percent said they'd like to see more river access and 22 percent said they'd like to see public park improvements, while 14 percent said they'd like to see something done with the public pools. 

Robertson noted that participants generally had a warm response to the survey.

“It was a very positive survey,” she said. “The people that live there really love their village. They're passionate about it.”

The Painted Post Master Plan committee will meet again in March.