CORNING — When Christmas time begins to near, there will be a proud owner of a newly-built four bedroom home with a one-car basement garage on Hamilton Street.

Mitra Pratt, project coordinator at Steuben County Habitat for Humanity, said applications for the 1,404-square-foot home, built by BOCES building trades program students, are currently being accepted by Habitat for Humanity.

“The family hasn’t been selected yet,” said Lisa Caracci, Habitat for Humanity executive director. “But we plan to do that by the end of the year.”

BOCES construction crews of carpenters, electricians and plumbers, mostly juniors and seniors from area high schools, built nearly every aspect of the house. 

“The Habitat for Humanity project has done a heluva lot for the kids involved,” said Roger Reep, an SCT BOCES teacher. “For one thing, all the hands-on experience of actually building a complete house from the ground up.”

Reep said this was the first time BOCES has build a home for Habitat for Humanity, and he hopes it will not be the last.

“If we can keep this going with the Habitat it would be awesome,” Reep said. “I’m hoping that this will be an ongoing thing we do every year.”

Caracci called BOCES a great partnership.

“It really helps enhance the (BOCES) program and helps us grow capacity,” Caracci said. “We hope to be doing a house a year with BOCES. They will build the home on the campus and at the end of the school year it will be trucked and set on top of a foundation of a site.”

Reep said BOCES students, 17 seniors and 18 juniors, started the project in mid-September and the home was ready to be trucked to the site in late May and put on top of a foundation at 60 Hamilton Street.

“I think it was a well deserved project because students are actually building a home they know that people are actually going to live in,” Reep said. “I think it’s like a milestone for them. “I’m pretty amazed with what the students shared and how much they accomplished in a school year to complete an entire house and get it ready to move.”

BOCES senior Hunter Hoad called the project a great experience.

“I thought is was pretty cool,” Hoad said. “It was definitely a learning experience. I know a lot more now about building a house and I hope to use that to further my career.”