CAMPBELL - Campbell-Savona High School’s Class of 2017 graduated Saturday evening during a commencement ceremony that awarded 63 seniors with their high school diplomas.

“The sun has risen and the sun has set much too quickly,” Campbell-Savona Superintendent Kathy Hagenbuch said during opening remarks.

She went on to say that each graduating senior will go on to pursue a variety of future endeavors, whether it be higher education, the armed forces, or into the workforce.

“Each one writing his or her own unique story, and that story will be different for each one,” she said. “[...] Regardless of their chosen path, we are confident they have the intellectual skills and the strength of character to be successful on their chosen path.”

The graduates then left their seats to present their parents in the audience with flowers, as a show of thanks for their support throughout the years.

Valedictorian Margaret Badding and Salutatorian Sarah Woolaway then took turns at the podium sharing their remarks with their classmates.

“We are finally crossing the finish line we have spent a decade moving toward, and closing an important chapter in our lives.” Badding said. “On behalf of the class of 2017, I would like to thank everyone who has helped us get to this point; our families, teachers, administrators, coaches and counselors.”

“As we flip our tassels, and transition from Campbell-Savona students to Campbell-Savona graduates, we become the key decision makers in our lives,” she added.

Woolaway talked about ways her fellow seniors can maintain a balanced life as they venture out into the world of adulthood. Striving to be lifelong learners, she said, is a major component in finding that balance.

“To stop learning is to stop progressing, to stagnate,” she said. “Your interests may be tempered, but I encourage you to pursue them. More than that, I encourage you to set time aside for them.”