COOPERS PLAINS - The Coopers Plains-Long Acres Fire Department expansion project is set to go out to bid Wednesday.

Department secretary Byron Paris said the fire district board of commissioners is scheduled to meet with HUNT Engineers that afternoon.

The project will add a 2,300-square-foot expansion to the current fire hall to house two additional truck bays.

“We will be meeting to open bids for our revised building project,” Paris said.

The project has gone out to bid before but came in too high by the end of the bidding period. Paris said the lowest bid then was around $600,000.

The department hopes to stay within the project’s expected price tag of $475,000, partially funded through bonds.

“Hopefully we’re back down to our projected cost,” Paris said.

In April, Paris said the department hopes to start construction soon upon awarding the contract.

The new truck bays will give the department more space for storing and maintaining equipment and vehicles. Larger doors will provide more space for backing in and parking trucks.

With the larger bays, each truck will have its own door and space so that they won’t be stacked behind each other. Extra space means the department won’t be constrained by size when it replaces a truck.

The department isn’t looking to increase the size of its fleet at the moment.

No work for the project has been done since April, when crews demolished a vacant property next to the fire hall to make room for the expansion.

The department will continue operating out of the fire hall during construction and operations should continue as normal.