By Jeffery Smith

CORNING - Over the past four years the city has upgraded nearly 200 sidewalk access ramps to become ADA compliant.

City Manager Mark Ryckman said the upgrades are usually done during the street paving conjunction season.

“We are continuing our efforts to make crosswalk ramps compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act,” said City Manager Mark Ryckman. “These ramps make our community more accessible, not just in the downtown, but throughout the neighborhoods.”

Mayor Rich Negri said he is happy to see the city is becoming more and more ADA accessible.

Ryckman said in 2014, 14 sidewalk access ramps were upgraded to ADA compliant, in 2015 that number rose to 63, and 115 access ramps have been built that are ADA compliant in the past two years.

“The ultimate goal is to get the entire city access ramps to ADA compliance,” said Larry Wagner, city superintendent of public works. “It a goal, and it’s also a requirement to get them all to the federal compliant.”