By Jeffery Smith

CORNING - First year students in the Corning Community College’s transfer Engineering Science program launched water balloons Monday afternoon at the Spencer Hill campus.

The course is in CCC’s Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Division, co-taught by professors John Longwell and Debra Dudick.

Longwell said the annual balloon chuck, held since the mid-1960s, features the talented efforts of the first-year students as they unveil their most recent catapulting creations.

“This is an orientation engineering course,” Longwell said. “They study different fields of engineering, they look at what couriers are available, what schools to transfer to this is a two-year transfer program.”

Longwell said students transfer to schools including Cornell, Rochester Institute of Technology, Alfred University and many others colleges.

“It’s very successful,” Longwell said.

The event held Monday involved the use of water balloon catapults, Longwell said. The catapults were designed and built from various materials by eight groups of four to five engineering students.

The teams demonstrated their devices’ capabilities to project a water balloon a maximum distance, officials said. Many teams utilized 3D solid modeling using SolidWorks facilitating the design process.

“The students learn critical skills as engineers,” Longwell said. “To succeed with this collaborative project, they need to manage their time, design a product meeting specifications, work in diverse groups, and document what they've done … both in design and testing. All skills future employers will expect.”