By Jeffery Smith

CORNING - After eight years as City Mayor Rich Negri said Monday at his final regular council meeting he is going to miss it.

Negri, who has served 14 years on the City Council, the last eight as city mayor, said it has been an honor to be the mayor of the City of Corning.

“I have mixed emotions,” Negri said. “But it’s time to let somebody else to come in as mayor and I think we’ve got a good candidate. The new mayor-elect (Bill Boland) will be a good mayor and I’m sure of that.”

Negri said he is just so thankful of all of the support he has received from the people in the City of Corning.

“I really appreciate it,” Negri said. “I’m going to miss a lot of the interactions (with councilman) I’ve had over the years. I really will miss that.”

City Manager Mark Ryckman said everyone at City Hall appreciates Negri’s dedication to the community.

“He has been a strong supporter of the City Manager form of government,” Ryckman said.

“He is a fine man, and a great mayor,” said Deputy Mayor Boland, who handed Negri an award at the end of the council meeting.

Councilman Jim Nelson, R-7, who served on the City Council for the past 20 years, also served at his final council meeting. Nelson was defeated for the seat in the November general election.

“I started on the Corning Police Department in 1970, retired there after 25 years of service,” Nelson said. “The thing I will miss the most is being involved with what goes on in the city and the people I’ve worked with, particularly the city staff and city manager.”

Other councilmen who will not return to the bench in January include first-ward councilman Steven Maio and second-ward councilman Michele Beckman.

“On behalf of the 6th Ward, I would like to thank all of the councilmen that are leaving us tonight, effective the first of the year,” said Councilman Frank Coccho, D-6. “I can honestly say that some of us have had our differences, but they’ve always been left right here in this chamber. I can only hope that every one of those before or after us can do the same. I wish them all the best.”