CORNING - The $200,000 demolition of the historic convent adjacent to St. Mary’s Church, off State Street, is expected to be completed by the end of the week.

Deacon Dean Condon, church pastoral administrator, said the 7,776-square foot building was used as a convent until the mid-1970s -- it stopped at that time because there were no longer any sisters living at the residence.

“After that it was used for a variety of different things ranging from serving the poor to housing activities,” Condon said. “About 10 years ago the decision was made to no longer use the building for any activities."

Condon said for the past 10 years it has been unused other than as storage.

“We drained out the water and turned of the heat to the upper floors,” Condon said. “It was a liability. It was also to expensive to heat it, which was a drain on (our) finances.”

Condon said Edger Development LLC crews successfully removed stained-glass windows from the chapel that will be sold in April.

“The glass window was in wonderful condition,” Condon said.

Officials said once the convent building is razed the site will be a future parking lot space.

Tom Dimitroff, a local historian, said the convent was more than 110 years old.

Condon said the demolishing of the residence cost about $200,000 with a large portion of that cost going to asbestos abatement.