With New Year's Eve parties and people celebrating at restaurant or bars, law enforcement agencies throughout the state will be adding road checks and roving patrols tonight in an attempt to crackdown on drunk driving.

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard said deputies and state police will have additional officers patrolling the county.

“We’ll be out with additional patrols and road checks in different locations throughout the county,” Allard said. “(New Years Eve) is historically a time where more crashes occur and more injuries occur.”

Corning Police Chief Jeff Spaulding said when people celebrate New Year’s Eve at a party, restaurant or bar, they just need to be responsible.

“The city will have extra patrols on duty on New Year’s Eve,” Spaulding said. “Patrols will be focused on quality of life issues and enforcement of driving while intoxicated laws.”

Allard encourages people who had too much to drink to leave their car at home and find another way to get to their location.

“It’s a time where due to parties more people make foolish choices on how to get home,” Allard said. “If they do drive, I encourage them to call a cab or another way home if they drink too much. We will be out there to keep the roads as safe as possible.”

Police throughout the area will also have roving patrols in heavy concentrated areas - often around bars, restaurants and known party areas.

Charlotte Andrews, owner of Vets One Taxi, said extra taxi vehicles will be out throughout New Year’s Eve.

“We’ll have extra staff on,” Willow said. “This is always the busiest day of the year for us. Please do not drink and drive.”

Vets One Taxi can be reached at 962-8294.

If you're in Bath, you can contact Village Taxi at 654-1916.