CAMPBELL - A total of 17 teams from area school districts converged at the Campbell-Savona pool Wednesday to compete in the After School Underwater ROV Robotics competition.

The event for remotely operated vehicles (ROV) was coordinated by the GST BOCES STEM team and won by a team from Waverly.

Teams competed in events including science fair (questions and answers), rise rank (buoyancy), artifact retrieval and speed. Waverly 2 placed first in science fair, artifact collection and speed to score 18 points. Bath 1 was four points behind in second place, while Addison 2 and Addison 3 tied for third, six points behind the leader.

Addison 1 placed first in the rise rank, just ahead of Bath 3 and Addison 2. Bath 1 placed second in artifact retrieval. Addison 3 was third in artifact rank and speed.

“We had an opportunity for several school districts to come together to have a competition here at the underwater robotics competition,” said Steven Denaker, Instructional Support Supervisor at GST BOCES.

“Teams have spent the last several months building and tinkering. Here we use the engineering design process to test the different skills and see what we can get.”

According to Denaker, the event is very popular among the competitors.

“The artifact retrieval is a lot of fun,” Denaker said. “Students have to dive their vehicles under water and retrieve different pieces that we have within a certain time limit.

“The race is also very fun - and very competitive.”