CORNING - A recently-discovered time capsule, hidden in the rubble of the former Northside Blodgett School currently being razed by crews was opened Monday at the Heritage Village of the Southern Finger Lakes.

Sheri Golder, director of the Corning-Painted Post Historical Society, said a damaged time capsule was found last week by Neally-DeJong crews while tearing down the 96,400-square-foot site.

“They found it last week and gave it to the Heritage Village of the Southern Finger Lakes,” Golder said. “We decided earlier (Monday) to see what’s inside of the time capsule.”

Thomas Dewert Jr., of Heritage Village, said due to age and damage the time capsule was already opened.

“Basically we just emptied it,” Dewert said. “We don’t know if the damage to the time capsule is from the building shifting, the demolition. It’s hard to tell. More than likely I would guess it’s from flood water.”

Golder said the time capsule was likely damaged by floods that hit the Corning area in 1935, 1946 and Hurricane Agnes in 1972.

Items inside the time capsule included two 1926 Evening Leader Corning newspapers, a small gold ring, a bible, the Book of Psalms, the remains of a U.S. flag, and a badly damaged envelope and pictures.

“It’s a shame you can’t make out some of the more personal items like the photographs,” Dewert said. “They were probably disintegrated. And on the envelope you can sort of make out the stamp and the Corning postmark, but not much more than that.”

Dewert said on an id tag in the time capsule read the inscription "if found return to Arthur A. Humphrey, 7 East Pulteney Street, and receive a reward."

“The Humphrey’s have been involved in Northside Blodgett forever,” said Tom Dimitroff, a local historian. “That’s probably what the (time capsule) has to do with them.”

The demolition of the former Northside Blodgett School, which opened in 1927,  is expected to be completed in early-to-mid March.