CORNING - Experts with Corning Community College say proper nutrition is an important element in the addiction recovery process.

That was the message during the “Eat Well … Recover Well” program held Tuesday at CCC’s Health Education Center.

“Putting down the substances is the first part… but how can we support recovery? ... Part of it is, for this particularly session, is our nutrition. And how eating healthy, and choosing certain foods can actually raise dopamine and serotonin and change brain chemistry,” said Elaine Corwin, CCC professor and department chair of health, physical education and recreation.

Several studies show that people who enter recovery for addiction are often malnourished and micronutrient deficient because of their eating habits. Their diets are often high in sugar, refined carbohydrates and processed foods, and low in protein, fruits and vegetables.

Incorporating a wholesome diet into the recovery process can be beneficial for them.

“It’s not as much about food to help someone get sober, but more about getting healthy as they get sober,” said Brenna Elliott, Chief Business Officer with the Bradford Recovery Center.

So what kind of foods should be considered? Foods that contains complex carbohydrates, are high in protein, fiber and key nutrients, and low in cholesterol.

“And it’s got to taste good,” Corwin said.

Chef Rick Caballero demonstrated this by concocting a chickpea and spinach burger that was not only healthy but had a lot of flavor, according to the chef. It’s just one of many different avenues that can be taken.

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