By Tom Passmore

CORNING - The Corning and Painted Post Little Leagues held an open forum in the Corning-Painted Post High School auditorium on Tuesday to announce the combination of the two leagues.

Locals were allowed to ask questions and attendees won prizes in raffles at the event which had a good turnout.

"I was pleasantly surprised, "said Corning-Painted Post Little League President Jeff Saurbaugh. "You hope for a large group of people and you try to get the word out and get interest spread. 

"We were very happy with the turnout."

The decision to combine the two leagues was unanimously voted on by the board of directors and was carefully planned.

"After months of discussions, meetings, emails and planning for what our combined league would look like, Little League International in Williamsport has approved the merger of Corning Little League and Painted Post Area Little League into one entity," according to a brochure handed out at the meeting.

"I think it's just a long time coming," Saurbaugh said. "No more individual baseball in Corning and Painted Post, which the community has solved in every sport besides baseball. It's nice to see everyone come together as one town and one team."

Another point that was made at the meeting that it will be easier for parents who might have had a geographical issue in which league to sign up for after some confusion on the zones for each little league.

Registration is done directly online at and is now open.

As for how the two facilities at Corning and Painted Post will be used, Rookie (formerly AA) and AAA events will be held at the Corning facility while t-ball, majors and seniors will be at Painted-Post.

The league plans to have one opening day that includes all leagues.

The newly formed little league looks to work closely with the varsity baseball team at Corning-Painted Post High School and hopefully create more participation in baseball throughout the area.

"I think the combination is great," Corning head varsity baseball coach and league coaching coordinator Eric Kizis said. "Hopefully we can create interest that translates to the high school level as the kids get older."

Coaching clinics will be held for registered participants in the winter and will sometimes include varsity baseball players.

There will be two divisions for each league with the potential for more pending on the turnout for each age group.