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  • H-port Central School holds Sr. High Academic Awards Assembly

  • The Senior High Academic Awards Assembly was held Friday, May 31, 2013 at Hammondsport Central High School.

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  • The Senior High Academic Awards Assembly was held Friday, May 31, 2013 at Hammondsport Central High School.
    The Hammondsport Alumni Association presented several awards to graduating seniors: The Valedictorian Award of $500 was presented to Sydney Farmer; the Salutatorian Award of $500 was presented to Lauren Binnert; the Math Award of $500 to Brooke Clark; the Richard F. Krug Science Award of $500 to Ryan Eckel; the Marion S. French English Award of $500 to Megan Erway; the Moretti, Bidwell, & Magee Art Award of $500 was presented to Ashley Bason; the History Award of $500 was presented to Matthew Lowin; the Jan Ketchum Special Achievement Award of $750 was presented to Kareena Hoyt.
    Ryan Eckel received $50 as the recipient of the Vine City Supply Technology Award. The Shirley’s of Bath “Woody Shirley Memorial” Technology Award was presented to Gabriel Barone for $25. The HESPA (Hammondsport Educational Support Personnel Association)Technology Award of $100 was given to Andrea Garrett.
    The Hammondsport Teachers Association presented awards to 9th and 11th graders for academic achievement. This year’s 9th grade recipients of a $25 Barnes & Noble Gift card were Victoria Yahn, Gregory Di Tomasso, and Jillian Farmer. The 11th grade recipients of a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card were Lori Gordon, Elizabeth Albright, and Dalton Mori. The following seniors received $200 scholarships from the HTA: Ryan Eckel, Megan Erway, Matthew Lowin, Lauren Binnert, Brooke Clark, Kaley Bray, and Connor Amsden. Past graduates Michael Quade, Matthew Peterson, Jade Annabel, Bennett Preston, and Taryn Ellis also received $200 scholarships.
    The Hammondsport Association of Teaching Assistants Award of $100 was given to Lydia Shippee.
    Five Star Bank Awards for academic achievement were presented to Brooke Clark and Tyler Jones -$125 each.
    The Hammondsport Rotary Club Youth Citizenship Award of $50 was given to Sarah Newman.
    The Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award is given to a student who has attained high scholastic standing in the sciences. This year’s recipient is Carrington Ellis. The award is a Bronze medallion, free application and $30,000 scholarship eligibility to the University of Rochester.
    The Hammondsport Chamber of Commerce presented a scholarship award of $250 to a graduating senior who has demonstrated volunteerism in school and community. The award went to Connor Amsden.
    The Elias Carl Spanish Award of $100 was given to Lauren Binnert. The Hammondsport Women’s Club Spanish Award was given to Elizabeth Albright for $200.
    The Sam Pennise D.D.S. and Cinnamon Stick Outstanding Business Student award of $100 was presented to Sydney Farmer, she also received the Outstanding Business Student plaque which is displayed in the school.
    The JS Hubbs Business Award was given to Connor Amsden for $100.
    The Hammondsport Public Library Award was presented to Michael Bestys for $100.
    The Pulteney Ladies Auxiliary Award for special achievement and citizenship went to Christopher Thompson in the amount of $100.00.
    The Raymond E. Donley Personality Award was given to Megan Erway; her name will be engraved on the Raymond Donley plaque in the school.
    Page 2 of 4 - The Driver Education Award of $250 from Shaw Insurance Agency was presented to Lauren Binnert.
    The Hammondsport Firemans Auxiliary Award was presented to Daniel Becker, Gavin Cornish, and Zachary Wade for $100 each.
    The Wayne Fire Department Memorial Citizenship Award was given to Ashley Bason and Daniel Becker for $250 each.
    The Hammondsport Citizen Hose Award was given to Gavin Cornish for $200.
    The ServU Federal Credit Union Award of $100 was given to Coy Miner.
    The ServU Federal Credit Union Smart Saver Award of $500 was given to Ryan Eckel and Sydney Farmer.
    An Academic All-Stars Award was given to Matthew Lowin for $100.
    The William H. Cohn History Award of $100 and a plaque, sponsored by the Hammondsport Rotary Club of which Mr. Cohn was a long-time member, was presented to Sydney Farmer.
    The Principal’s Award for Academic Excellence recognized the following students for achieving high honor roll every quarter of 9th through 12th grade: Connor Amsden, Lauren Binnert, Ryan Eckel, Sydney Farmer, and Matthew Lowin. This is a $50 award.
    The Clarkson University Achievement Award, offering a $48,000 scholarship, was awarded to Elizabeth Albright. The Clarkson University Leadership Award, offering a $60,000 scholarship, was given to Lori Gordon.
    The Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award, offering $40,000 for study at Wells, was presented to Sydney Sprague.
    The University of Rochester Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony Humanities & Social Sciences Award, offering $30,000 upon admission to U of R, was awarded to Lori Gordon.
    The University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation and Technology, with $30,000 scholarship eligibility, was given to Dalton Mori.
    The University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leader Award, offering $30,000 scholarship eligibility was given to Elizabeth Albright.
    The Triple “C” Award, recognizing character, courage, and commitment, was given to Connor Amsden.
    The Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 1470 award was given to Mary Webber for $50.
    The Roberta Bailey Wambold Memorial Scholarship, honoring commitment to education, was presented to Megan Erway for $750.
    The Student Council Award of $150 was given to Lauren Binnert and Brooke Clark.
    The Russell Sage College Recognition Award, honoring those who “lead, excel, and serve” was awarded to Korynne House, Lauren Farmer, and Nicolas Peacock, offering $15,000 scholarship eligibility.
    The Ceramic Association of New York (CANY) Scholastic Recognition Award, recognizing solid math and science backgrounds, was given to Brandi Bailey.
    The Susan Schroeder Bethke Art Award, honoring a student pursuing a career in Art, was presented to Kaley Bray in the amount of $750.
    The Mildred G. Para Memorial Scholarship awards a student pursuing a career related to family and consumer science. This year’s recipient was Alissa Walruth for $250.
    The Hammondsport Chamber of Commerce Creative Arts Scholarship for $250 was presented to Ashley Bason.
    Page 3 of 4 - The Elmira College Key Award has been awarded by their establishment since 1935, offering $60,000 scholarship eligibility. This was awarded to Taylin Bower and Dalton Mori.
    The Jack Lisi Youth Award of $1500 recognizing student achievement and accomplishment, was awarded to Margaret Gray- Wyatt and Kelly Bray.
    The Office of the State Comptroller provided an Academic Excellence Award certificate for Lauren Binnert and Sydney Farmer.
    The Rochester Institute of Technology Computing Medal Award was presented to Sydney Sprague and Nicolas Peacock. They will receive an annual scholarship of $6,000 if they attend RIT.
    The Rochester Institute of Technology Innovation and Creativity Award was presented to Taylin Bower and Dalton Mori. They will receive an annual scholarship of $6,000 if they attend RIT.
    The New York State Education Department Scholarship for Academic Excellence was presented to Sydney Farmer for $1500, and to Matthew Lowin for $500.
    The Clifton & Priscilla Smith Scholarship, recognizing positive citizenship, awarded $3,000 to Kelly Bray.
    Perfect attendance awards were given to the following students: Gabriel Barone, Michael Cranmer, Emily Eckel, Olivia Fitzwater, Cameron Jensen, Jordon Thompson, Alyson Binnert, Sydney McGinn, Edward Murphy IV, Jefferey Thompson, Brandi Bailey, Nicholas Buck, Shaquile Mack, Lauren Binnert, Gavin Cornish, Christopher Thompson, and Steven Walker.
    The Presidential Challenge Physical Fitness Awards were presented to Emily Eckel, Victoria Yahn, Olivia Fitzwater, Ethan Bower, and Helena Carvajal. The NYSAHPERD recognizes outstanding physical education achievement. This year the award was given to Brooke Clark and Zachary Hoke.
    The Steuben County Veteran’s Memorial Scholarships were presented to Alissa Walruth, Zachary Wade, Lydia Shippee, Sarah Newman, Megan Erway, Ryan Eckel, Dustin Deal, Brooke Clark, Kaley Bray, and Mary Webber.
    The United States Marine Corps Academic Excellence Award was presented to Matthew Lowin. The Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award was presented to Ryan Eckel.
    The Margaret Martin Class of 1958 Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Kelly Bray in the amount of $5,000.
    The George Douglas/LPGA Corning Classic Scholarship, recognizing diligence, responsibility and being a concerned school citizen, was awarded to Lauren Binnert for $4200. Lauren also received the University of Dayton Scholarship Award, providing $17,000 scholarship eligibility.
    The D.A.R. History Award of $25 was given to Matt Lowin.
    The Community Outreach Award was given to Carmen Coppola.
    The Esther N. Wahlig Keuka Lake Association Award of $1,000 was given to Ryan Eckel.
    Certificates were awarded to the following students in their respective groups,:
    Academic All Stars: Lauren Binnert, Brooke Clark, Sydney Farmer, Tyler Jones, Matthew Lowin, Mary Webber, Christopher Beers, Troy Fitzwater, Lucas Peacock, Nicolas Peacock, David VonRhedey, Gaige Dickerson, Alyson Binnert, Aaron Lowin, Eladio Martinez, Edward Murphy, Morgan Sincerbox, Ann Stone, Gregory DiTomasso, Jami Long, Jayne Pomplas, Alexis Salisbury.
    Drama Club: Michael Waldrop, Jami Long, Christopher Thompson, Arianna Turner, Thomas Hoaglin, Katrina McGregor, Ann Stone, Morgan Sincerbox, Shannon Draper, David VonRhedey, Robert Ackley, Eddie Murphy, Rachael Webster, Bethany Draper, Matthew Leister, Eladio Martinez, Nikki Martinez, Kelsey Sack, Tyler Jones, Collin Graves, Chris Beers, Gregory DiTomasso, Jessica Lawrence.
    Page 4 of 4 - Student Council: Katelynn Hoyt, Alyson Binnert, Eladio Martinez, Elizabeth Albright, Claire Kolodziejczak, Kaley Bray, Kareena Hoyt, Matthew Lowin, Sydney Sprague, Lori Gordon, Eddie Murphy, Kelsey Sack.
    Yearbook: Claire Kolodziejczak, Megan Erway, Taylin Bower, Sydney Farmer, Eladio Martinez, Hannah Ridge, Tanessa Whitney, Laure n Binnert, Kelsey Sack, Eddie Murphy, Amanda Sprague, Dustin Deal, Mary Webber.

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