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  • It’s time for the Commonwealth of Niagara to arise

  • To the Editor,

    Another election season has come and gone; the majority in New York State voted for Andrew Cuomo to be governor.

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  • To the Editor,
    Another election season has come and gone; the majority in New York State voted for Andrew Cuomo to be governor.
    However, here in what has been previously called "Western New York," nine counties(Erie, Niagara, Orleans, Genesee, Wyoming, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Allegany, and Steuben) all joined as one and voted for Buffalo developer Carl Paladino to serve as our chief executive. Said counties' being physically linked together is a mere bonus.
    When one takes time to think about it, the case for us breaking off from New York State and becoming our own state/commonwealth government could never be stronger.
    What do we really have in common with the New York City/Albany political axis, save for merely currently occupying the same landmass called "New York State"? I venture to answer that we have nothing in common with them.
    Carl Paladino has shown himself to have much more in common with the regular people than Andrew Cuomo can ever pretend to have.
    Mr. Paladino started with nothing, had nothing handed to him, went to school and applied himself, served his nation in the military, and used his acquired skills to build and create a business that employs people and gives meaningful benefits to said employees.
    With the exception of a brief stint during his college years, Mr. Cuomo has never worked in the private sector, and he has basically acquired his various political positions through name recognition, as well as associations/connections with political clout and prestige(including a brief marriage to Kerry Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy's daughter).
    Let me also venture to add that Mr. Paladino's views on cutting taxes and waste, on making government work in concert with the taxpayer, on business and industry, and on the moral and ethical issues of the day are more in concert with the values and ideals of most of us in this region... much more so than that son of political royalty who happens to be surnamed Cuomo.
    Maybe we want to control our own hydropower(Lakes Erie and Ontario) for our own use, as opposed to allowing NY City and Albany to siphon them away from us. Maybe we want to be a "right-to-work" commonwealth. Maybe we want to explore for oil in the Southern Tier. Maybe we don't want to generously dole out welfare to everyone who comes here. Maybe we want to have capital punishment for murderers. Maybe we don't want to support abortion. Maybe we only want to afford civil unions to same-sex couplings as opposed to affording "marriage" to such. Why should we not be free to determine these things for ourselves?
    The time has come for us in what has previously been called "Western New York" to take on a new name. From now on, we will call ourselves the Commonwealth of Niagara. Think of it: nine counties with a total 1.6 million population, some 9000 square miles of land, and a potential six Electoral votes for the Presidency. The only question is: should Buffalo, or Niagara Falls, or maybe some other city within our Commonwealth, serve as our capital?
    Page 2 of 2 - We are the Commonwealth of Niagara. Let us think like it, act like it, and embrace it!
    Lloyd A. Marshall, Jr.
    Lockport, CN

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