By Jeffery Smith

BATH - Dropping off unwanted old television sets and other electronic waste at the Steuben County Landfill and three transfer stations will soon no longer be free of charge.

Starting Jan. 1, the cost will be $20 to recycle CRT’s, from old televisions and computer monitors, made with leaded glass, at the landfill or the transfer stations.

The Steuben County Public Works Committee recently approved a resolution to change the price from free to $20 each.

The Steuben County Legislature will vote on the proposed increase at 10 a.m. Dec. 19, at the Steuben County Office Building.

Vince Spagnoletti, Steuben County Department of Public Works Commissioner, said not charging a fee to drop off old televisions and computer monitors in 2016, cost the county about $34,000 to have the CRT’s removed.

The $20 charge would pay the cost Steuben County realizes to have the CRT’s removed.

“The big problem that we saw in putting a charge on tv’s and computer monitors was having them dumped onto the side of the road,” Spagnoletti said.

Legislator Gary Swackhamer, R-Hornell, questioned if the same amount of CRT’s would be taken to the landfill or the transfer stations or would just be dumped on the side of the road.

“If I put my television out of the street then somebody else picks it up,” Swackhamer said. “Then I’m not going to take it down to the landfill.”

Spagnoletti said he put out an email to several area counties that have instituted a fee to recycle CRT’s and they’ve seen very little increase of items dumped on the road.

Legislator Robert Nichols, R-Tuscarora, said he is concerned about the amount of televisions that are going to be thrown over the banks in rural townships.

Steuben County receives approximately 160 tons old televisions and computer monitors annually.

If the resolution is passed by the Steuben County Legislator, Steuben County, like many local counties, including Chemung County will charge to recycle electronics. Chemung County’s fee is $40 per CRT.

Electronics such as personal computers, laptops, televisions, printers, DVD players, cell phones, and video game systems are accepted at the Steuben County landfill and transfer stations.

Other Steuben County landfill fees that will increase:

Effective Jan. 1:

Processed Construction Debris: $15 per ton, up from $10 per ton.

Auto Fluff, disposal only: $12 per ton, up from $10 per ton.

Auto Fluff, picked up and disposed of by the county within 100 miles: $23 per ton, up from $21 per ton.

Recycling Truck/Tractor Tires greater than 20-inches $300 per ton, up from $13 each.

Effective July 1:

Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant Sludge: $36 per ton, up from $32 per ton.

Effective Jan. 1:

Municipal construction demolition debris: $30 per ton, down from $44 per ton.

Municipal friable asbestos: $125 per ton, down from $250 per ton.

County Public Works officials said the changes in tip fees will cover costs at the landfill, and encourage the safe and cost-effective disposal of abandoned properties.