CORNING - Work to remove crushed concrete and stone from the recently razed Northside Blodgett School site is nearly completed, clearing the way for single-family homes to be built at the site. 

Rocco Soda, director of real estate for Arbor Housing, said work at the site is about “95 percent completed.”

“Things are moving forward,” Soda said. “Crews are cushing all of the stone and removing it. We hope the work will be completed in about 30 to 60 days.”

Neally-DeJong crews began razing the old school building, which opened in 1927, in November and the entire 96,400-square-foot site was torn down in late February.

“The crews have done a great job,” said Councilman Mark ReSue, I-7. “I am pleased to see the work has caused minimal disturbance to the neighborhood.”

Once the site has been cleared, 26 property lots will be created and put up for sale, said Jeffrey Eaton, president and CEO of Arbor Housing.

Officials said a lot with a home at the site will cost in the range of $200,000, and likely built with a cottage feel that would best fit with the Northside neighborhood. The approximate cost of a lot is expected to be about $30,000.

Plans are to sell lots to developers, build market rate homes for sale, and/or sell lots to potential homeowners.

Soda said Arbor Housing is currently having conversations with a potential developer who may acquire the entire block and build all of the homes.

“We are entertaining that. They are interested,” Soda said. “We should now in about the next 60 days.”

Corning Enterprises President G. Thomas Tranter Jr., co-chairman of the Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council, said Arbor Housing is currently in negotiations with a developer.

“They are working with a quality developer to try to come to an agreement for (the developer) to do the entire project,” Tranter said.