CORNING - Employers and job seekers were really excited Thursday afternoon to be at the annual Regional Job Fair at the Corning Community College gymnasium.

Amanda L. Lippincott, Coordinator of Career Services, said representatives from 81 employers filled the gymnasium meeting with about 600 prospective employees interested in career opportunities at the job fair.

“I think it’s an amazing event,” Lippincott said. “This event brings this wonderful community and employers together for job opportunities.”

Al Gonzalez, Wayfair Director of Operations, a Big Flats location that plans to hire 450 full-time employees in the next couple of years, called the job fair a great way to let possible future employees know more about the company.

Wayfair is an online customer service center for home furnishing, Gonzalez said. The Big Flats location expects to open in mid-July.

“The job fair does a couple of positive things,” Gonzalez said. “It gives us an idea of what sort of talent is out there and what people are looking for. But it also gives us exposure, telling people a little bit about our us.”

Corning Credit Union recruiter Desiree Bowler said the job fair has been a success for CCU in the past.

“We had two people that we met at last year's job fair that we ended up interviewing and hiring,” Bowler said. “That was very fortunate for us. We are always happy to be here and be a part of the community and represent Corning Credit Union.”

Bowler said at Thursday's event CCU again met with high caliber candidates.

“We usually walk away with a handful of résumés that we want to follow up on,” Bowler said.

Lippincott said the event provides candidates with an opportunity to build a rapport with recruiters, ask questions, network, and share their resumes.