CORNING - Calvin U. Smith Elementary School fourth grade students took everything they’ve learned this school year about the Revolutionary War and put it into practice Thursday at the annual Revolutionary Soldier Project.

Kate Bowman, a teacher at Smith School, said the event taught students hands-on how to build tents, operate a fake musket and dozens of other things that George Washington's Continental Army regularly did during the war.

“Living history is a big deal at Smith School,” Bowman said. “The students study the Revolutionary War period through our English Language Art and Social Studies Programs. This is sort of the culminating activity, to live the life of a soldier in that era.”

About 48 students took part in the Revolutionary Soldier Project, which has been held at the elementary school for about the past 15 years. The event featured several reenactors teaching the students many aspects of the Revolutionary War.

“I’ve been waiting for this day since kindergarten,” said Teigen Gill, a 4th grade student who served as an Adjutant General. “We learned so much from the reenactors. I’ve really enjoyed being here and listening to the reenactors, who have made it feel like this really was during the Revolutionary War.”

Camryn Eaton, a 4th grade student, who served as Assistant with Commentary, called the Revolutionary Soldier Project "really fun."

“I helped make the food and cleaned up the food,” Eaton said. “I looked forward to the event because it sounded really exciting and interesting, plus we got to stay after school for extra time which I really like.”

Garrett Hemly, a 4th grade student, who served as a Quartermaster, said he wanted to be a Quartermaster because he likes working with all types of equipment.

“It’s hard work, and I like to be doing hard work,” Hemly said. “I like learning about the Revolutionary War. It’s a really fun thing to learn about. It’s a really fun subject.”

Bowman said the event, which ran from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., gave students a chance to get to see what it what like to be one of the Revolutionary War soldiers.

“The students gave up their recess time twice a week to march and drill this past month to practice for what they did (Thursday),” Bowman said. “The students have really taken this event to heart.”