CORNING - State Senator Tom O'Mara and Assemblyman Phil Palmesano honored the Corning Christian Academy Friday morning with a Certificate of Proclamation commemorating the school’s 35th anniversary. 

Palmesano, whose son attends the school, said Corning Christian Academy has long served its students with valuable education.

“We are just so happy to be here to help honor the school’s 35th anniversary,” Palmesano said.  “Both Tom and I were able to pass official resolutions in the state Assembly and Senate recognizing CCA’s 35th anniversary.”

O’Mara called CCA a great educational asset to the area.

“Corning Christian Academy offers a really nice alternative education for families that want to send their children to a religious-based education,” O’Mara said. “It’s important to have that alternative in our community. CCA is doing a great job.”

Gayle Bicknell, CCA school board chair, said the school is very honored to be recognized by the state senate and assembly.

“We’ve enjoyed being a part of the community, and we do feel it offers a valuable alternative,” Bicknell said. “We are pleased to have Phil (Palmesano) and Tom (O’Mara) coming here to the school from Albany to recognize the school with this honor.”

Bicknell said Corning Christian Academy was located at several locations in the city prior to moving into is current location at 11 Aisne St. in 2005.

“We were awarded this school through the Department of Education,” Bicknell said. “It used to be an Armory building. We were awarded this site as an educational institution in 2005 and have been in this location since."

CCA offers education to students from pre-K through grade 12.