CORNING - Donny Farrell, who retired Tuesday after 32-years of service at the Corning Fire Department, said he will truly miss spending time with fellow firefighters, who he calls another family.

“I’m going to miss this a ton, but unfortunately my time is up,” Farrell said. “I’m just going to miss hanging around with the guys. It’s hard to get in (at the fire department) and it’s just as hard to leave it.”

Farrell started part-time at the Corning Fire Department in October of 1985, and was named a full-time firefighter in January 1989.

“My dad, Don Farrell, was a fireman here for 30 years, and my grandfather was a cop here in Corning,” Farrell said. “I grew up around it, and I loved my time here.”

City Manager Mark Ryckman called Farrell a highly skilled firefighter who prides himself on doing the job right.

“As he retires, we are losing a tremendous amount of experience,” Ryckman said.

Farrell said he has enjoyed mentoring and training new firefighters at the fire department.

“When I started here, the guys that worked here with my dad took me under their wings,” Farrell said. “Now I’ve worked with some of those guys' kids and I’m helping them out. It’s that way at every fire department.”

Corning Fire Chief Brad Davies said Farrell will be missed.

“Don is hard working, knowledgeable and always willing to lend a hand when needed,” Davies said. “Don has set a great example to new firefighters beginning their careers. He would take the time to teach anyone who was eager to learn. I wish him luck in his retirement. He has certainly earned it.”

Farrell, who retired after serving 32 years at the Fire Department, the most allowed in the state to serve as a firefighter, said both yes and no when asked if he’s looking forward to retirement.

“I’m looking forward to the weekends,” Farrell said. “I haven’t had weekends off since pretty much when I got out of Corning East High School. I went into the U.S. Navy in 1981 and then became a firefighter. It’s just time. I’m going to miss hanging around, but I’m not leaving the area. I will still be around.”