Author and engaging speaker Joe Piscatella is coming to town Oct. 4, and what he has to say may, indeed, be a life-saving moment.

In 1977, 32-year-old Joe Piscatella had everything going for him; that is, until his regular game of tennis ended with a sharp pain shooting through his chest. A visit to his primary physician immediately sent up red flags for the young husband and father. “My doctor was so concerned that he closed the doors of his practice that day and drove me to the cardiologist,” he says. “Two days later I underwent emergency coronary bypass surgery.”

With little information on how to change his lifestyle and live a longer life, Piscatella decided to write the ultimate “best-seller,” “Don’t Eat Your Heart Out Cookbook.” The book changed the landscape for a multitude of people and their families and was the first written on the subject of diet and cholesterol. And, he didn’t stop there.

Over the years, Piscatella not only founded and runs the Institute for Fitness and Health in Gig Harbor, Wash., he has written several widely acclaimed books and has become a leading expert on lifestyle habits. His message resonates with the lay public and corporations as well as with healthcare providers/professionals and respected governmental agencies like NIH (National Institutes of Health,) where he is one of the only non-physician presenters. 

In his talks, Joe stresses that most chronic diseases and conditions in the U.S. come from poor lifestyle habits and the inability to manage a whole lot of stress.

“For every one person who has a heart attack because of bad genes, 400 people have it because of knives, forks and unmanaged stress,” he says. “In our program, we are giving people the tools to make better lifestyle decisions and exercise more control over their own health.”

“Everything that I’ve done and I do today,” says Piscatella, “is helping people to establish and sustain healthy lifestyle habits.” This, alone, seems to be the fuel that keeps this “power house of positivity” going strong.

So, where will you be Thursday, Oct. 4 at 4 p.m.? Hopefully, joining Piscatella in the auditorium of Penn Yan Academy to enjoy and hour of Joe’s story-telling and engaging delivery about where stress comes from and what we can do about this one factor that has a negative effect in most everyone’s life. 

Joe will explain how chronic stress and our inability to “manage” it has become a great barrier to everyone’s good health… and how it’s time to tear down this barrier.