PAINTED POST | Voters approved a largely noncontroversial budget plan Tuesday for the Corning-Painted Post School District by a vote of 866-320.

The district’s 2019-20 budget includes total spending of $115,499,310, up about 4.3 percent from the current year, and a tax levy increase of 2.11 percent, in line with the state tax cap.

Tax rates are expected to stay approximately the same, at $24.17 per thousand dollars of assessed value (pending county tax information that will be available in late summer).

Superintendent Michael Ginalski, who says he’s nervous about every budget vote regardless of what’s being proposed, breathed a sigh when the results were in.

“I am relieved and appreciative,” Ginalski told The Leader. “It allows us to move forward, and I’m very thankful to those who came out to vote today.”

Other area districts got budget approvals from residents Tuesday as well (details below).

Also approved, 891-287, was a proposal to issue bonds totaling $633,000 for the purchase of new buses and other vehicles as part of the district’s long-term replacement strategy.

Voters also filled three seats on the district’s school board, sought by candidates Kristina Belanger (853 votes), Bradley Benz (270), Mary Franklin (868) and Margie Lawlor (861), meaning the two incumbents, Belanger and Franklin, retained their seats.

Lawlor will be a newcomer to the board.

"I am very much looking forward to serving the community in this capacity, and to supporting the educational journey of every student in the district," she told The Leader.

Lawlor also had fond words for the board member whose seat she is effectively taking.

"I want to thank Nancy Arkin for her many years of service," she said. "I wish her well."

The district’s 2019-20 budget started out with a challenge, with initial projections indicating a shortfall of $1,470,499.

Finalize state aid numbers in April closed about half that gap.

To balance the budget, the district will make cuts including reductions in spending on consultants and conferences, cuts to equipment replacement programs, and a reduction in the health insurance budget for the year.

At the same time, the board took the opportunity to add programs, including multiple modified sports teams, a Unified bowling team and gymnastics.

The C-PP School Board will meet at 6:30 p.m. tonight to officially canvass the vote totals, as well as for its regular monthly meeting.

Also approved in a closer vote Tuesday, 785-401, was a levy of $837,719 to fund the Southeast Steuben County Library.

Elsewhere in the area:



Approved: 178-47

Total spending: $22,093,824 (-3.48% from current year)

Levy increase: 1.50%

Savona Free Library budget ($55,200, up $2,900 from current year) approved: 135-88



Approved: 221-91

Total spending: $30,381,470 (+1.8% from current year)

Levy increase: 1.00%

Tennis court upgrade project approved: 207-105



Approved: 647-94

Total spending: $38,034,208 (-0.31% from current year)

Levy increase: 0% (unchanged from current year)

Bus proposal approved: 617-126



Approved: 154-45

Total spending: $14,997,155



Approved: 216-52

Total spending: $12,943,164 (-1.8% from current year)

Levy increase: 0% (unchanged from current year)

Vehicle purchase approved: 201-65


Elmira Heights

Approved: 287-68

Total spending: $22,797,180 (+1.20% from current year)

Levy increase: 2.01% (within allowable cap)

Bus proposition approved: 300-54



Approved: 808-353

Total spending: $79,905,919 (+3.75% from current year)

Levy increase: 3.97% (within allowable cap)

Bus purchase approved: 853-306


Watkins Glen

Approved: 338-87

Total spending: $26,478,877 (-2.72% from current year)

Levy increase: 1.61%

Bus leasing approved: 354-72



Approved: 109-7

Total spending: $10,148,783 (+2.29% from current year)

Levy increase: 2% (within allowable cap)