BATH | A tire collection event held by the Steuben County Landfill in connection with Earth Day brought in more that 20,000 tires, officials said Monday. It's about twice what the landfill collected all of last year.

County Commissioner of Public Works Vincent Spagnoletti told the Legislature’s Public Works Committee the $1 Tire Days event, held the week of May 13, brought in about as many tires as they could handle.

“We got swamped,” Spagnoletti said.

He said more than 850 individuals brought in an average of about 24 tires each.

The reduced $1 fee means the landfill basically breaks even on the deal, minus the cost of transportation.

“Seneca Meadows [Landfill, where the tires are taken] charges about $1,” Spagnoletti said.

Seneca Meadows uses the recycled tires for landfill drainage and gas collection systems, as well as putting them to use in road construction.

Although the event obviously wasn’t a profit-maker for the county, there’s one clear benefit.

“We got 20,000 tires out of the county,” said Legislator Scott Van Etten.