BATH - Nearly 100 community residents recently came together Friday at the Wooden Nickel bar, on Liberty Street, to help raise funds to aid a bartender dealing with aggressive ductal carcinoma breast cancer.

Stacey Keeney, a bartender at the Wooden Nickel, was recently diagnosed with the breast cancer, according to Donna Sommers, Stacey’s sister-in-law.

“This event is really great,” Sommers said. “We are fighting for Stacey (at the event) and she is fighting it at home.”

Sommers said Keeney has made a lot of friends from her time working at the Wooden Nickel.

“A lot of her friends came to this event,” Sommers said. “I think the Bath community really came together to donate. They just love everything about her. She is just a sweet person.”

Andrew Rowley, a Liberty Street business owner who helped set up the event, agreed.

“I walked around the business district two weeks prior to the event getting 17 donations,” Rowley said. “While walking around and talking to different business owners, a lot of people kind of teared up and were immediately interested in making a donation.”

Rowley said the donations and people attending Friday’s event raised well over $1,000 to aid Keeney’s fight.