Event with food and kids’ giveaways held to celebrate public support

WATKINS - Members of the Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office served hot dogs, drinks and cookies to residents and handed out coloring books to children Tuesday on the lawn of the Schuyler County Courthouse.

"We did this as a way to say, ’Thank you,’" Undersheriff Breck Spaulding said. "We have a lot of support here in Schuyler County from our residents, but there are some trying times in certain locations with civilians and police. We’re just trying to show we’re human, we’re people, and get some conversation going."

Police officers and their actions have been the target of protests and scrutiny nationwide following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Tuesday’s gathering was the first event of its kind put on by the Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office.

"We thought, we really have support here in Schuyler County," said Spaulding. "The last few weeks, things have really gone down hill, so we just wanted to connect with the public."