CAMERON MILLS – A landmark in the Canisteo River community of Cameron Mills is being preserved with a paint job, a new roof and plenty of sweat equity this summer.

The former lodge hall and old post office on County Route 119 was in danger of deteriorating while sitting vacant. The building’s owners, Brian and Barb Arnold, hired a crew to paint the building, replace the roof and windows, and add a new porch roof.

"It's needed repair, and some people had mentioned tearing it down, but I couldn't do that," Brian Arnold said.

The Arnolds, who also own the Cameron Mills Market across the street, say they don’t yet have plans for the building, although town residents have suggested a café, feed store or antique shop.

While renovating the building, contractors Darin and Allen Brewer and Paul Holden discovered names scored into the siding by several Cameron Mills residents back in 1956.

With much of the renovation work completed late last week, an American flag was mounted on the front porch, the red, white and blue setting off a colorful contrast to the fresh white paint.