HAMMONDSPORT - A section of Shether Street in the downtown area near the square is closed and will remain closed throughout the summer and fall months to allow restaurants, bars and other businesses to have outdoor seating through the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It’s been very successful to this point and I think it will continue to be just that," said Hammondsport Village Mayor Emery Cummings. "I think everyone is pleased with the street closing."

Cummings said the village has erected tents and has a theme which is looking very nice for patrons to set under and have music all weekend in the square

"These tents/restaurants offer morning breakfast also, so there is action all day long," Cummings said. "As a reminder Hammondsport is a very large tourist attraction also. We think this change will be a support to all that visit the village."

Cummings said the closing will extend until after Labor Day.

"The road closing has been successful for the business," Cummings said.