C-S fourth graders present “Ellis Island: The Gateway to the American Dream”

Press Release
Hunter Noteware as the Ellis Island tour guide with Alyia Eddy, JT Osburn, Selena Shutz and other tourists.

Fourth Graders at Campbell-Savona proudly presented “Ellis Island: The Gateway to the American Dream”, a play written by their fourth grade teachers Mrs. Bonham, Mrs. Hunt and Ms. Sweet.  The play centered at Ellis Island and the tenements of NYC. The Fourth Graders showed the hardships faced by the Immigrants as they left their homelands to journey to America.  Students acted out scenes that would have taken place at Ellis Island during its busiest time period.  A tour guide led a group of “tourists” through present day Ellis Island as actors on stage flashed back to Ellis Island around the early 1900’s. Each 4th grader had a role in the production with a speaking part for almost every student.  The Campbell-Savona 4th graders studied the significance of Ellis Island, The Statue of Liberty and the contributions immigrants have made to America.  They used the stage to bring Ellis Island and its history to life for the staff, other students and their parents in a grand presentation.

Emily Smith as the Statue of Liberty.