Farm-City Day in Canisteo this year

Staff reports

Situated among the rolling hills of the Canisteo Valley sits the Moss-VanWie Dairy Farm. Located in the township of the famous "Canisteo Living Sign", the Moss-VanWie Dairy Farm farm city daywill be the sight of the 2011 Steuben County Farm City Day.  Cliff and Debbie Moss, along with Gerald and Jean VanWie will be on hand to welcome you Saturday, September 24th to their Dairy of Distinction farm just outside of Canisteo.

The Moss-VanWie Dairy Farm originated in 1932 when Gerald VanWie and his father Bert purchased 32 acres of land and milked 12 cows by hand.  In 1952, Gerald and his father purchased additional land and the existing farm from Harlo Atherton.  They increased their herd to 50 cows and through the years grew the farm to 500 acres.  

Cliff and Debbie moved to the farm in 1988 and formed a partnership with Gerald. They continued to increase the herd over the years.  In 2009, Cliff and Debbie purchased the farm from the VanWie's.  Today, they are milking 120 cows and have 100 calves and heifers. They have over 300 acres of corn, 120 acres of soybeans and 80 acres of hay.  

Smooth daily operation of the farm continues in part from the years of wisdom Gerald VanWie continues to pass down.  The VanWie's, along with Cliff and Debbie, all reside on the dairy farm that originated close to three quarters of a century ago.  Cliff and Debbie have three children and eight grandchildren all whom live in the area.