Palmesano, others pushing for unfunded mandate relief

Press Release
First In Print

State Assemblyman Phil Palmesano, R – Corning, joined this week with his Assembly Republican colleagues, local government officials and organizations, as well as state county and education leaders, in a push for unfunded mandate relief to protect taxpayers in New York.  Palmesano has cosponsored the Taxpayer Protection and Mandate Relief Act, Assembly Bill A.8447, which would work to address unfunded mandates that are impacting local governments, school districts and taxpayers.

“Rising Medicaid, health care and pensions continue to drive up the costs of local budgets for school districts and local governments, and in turn, increase local property taxes," said Palmesano, in a prepared statement.  "We must address the cost drivers which are the root causes impacting local budgets and the hard working taxpayers of New York."

At the press conference, Palmesano and his colleagues spoke about their plan to significantly reduce costs for local governments, school districts and taxpayers.  Highlights of Palmesano's Taxpayer Protection and Mandate Relief Act include the following:

• Placing a moratorium on unfunded state mandates,

•  Restoring fiscal restraint to state government by capping state spending,

•  Reforming public pensions,

•  Reining in Medicaid mandates by freezing the municipal share of local Medicaid costs,

•  Addressing health care and education costs,

•  Cutting the expenses of local construction projects, and

• Providing relief from state administrative and paperwork requirements.

Editor’s Note: So far, mandate relief had been separated from a proposed 2 percent tax cap expected to be voted on after the Courier goes to press.