CCC Trustees approve tuition hike

Bob Recotta

Students attending Corning Community College in the fall can expect to pay more in tuition than last year.

The CCC board of trustees approved Wednesday a hike in tuition for both full-time and part-time students.

Full-time students will now pay $1,935 per semester for New York State residents or $3,870 for non-residents, a 5.4 percent increase from the current year.

The cost per credit for part-time students will be $161 for New York residents or $322 for non-residents.

This is the second consecutive year the college has increased tuition.

“We have chosen a path to raise student tuition nearly every year in small increments so that families can adjust to the rising cost of education,” said Dr. Floyd “Bud” Amann, college president.

Amann also said small yearly increases in tuition also prevent larger spikes when expenses increase or revenue decreases suddenly.

Community colleges traditionally have three sources of income: Tuition and fees collected from students, support from the counties the colleges serve, and state aid.

Amann said the original formula was that each revenue source represent one-third of the college’s revenue. That formula, however, has become skewed in recent years.

Now students pay about 45 percent of that total.

“That’s unsustainable over time,” Amann said. “This community has to realize the intrinsic investment in community colleges which have a tremendous payback for the community in the form of a more highly educated populace, more taxpayer revenue, etc.”

The board of trustees also approved the college’s 2011-12 operating budget.

Next year’s budget stands at $33.4 million , a $586,588 increase over the current school year.

Board of trustees chairman Tom Blumer said that for next year’s budget, college officials had to use $1.3 million from its fund balance – the money left over at the end of a budget year.