Don't forget the pets

Molly Logan Anderson

GateHouse News Service

They warm your feet and your heart; now’s the perfect time to reward your best furry friends with holiday gifts of adoration. From cozy sweaters to mentally stimulating toys, the sky’s the limit when it comes to pet-related offerings these days. Read on to learn more about the best of the best for your pet this season.

Pet Blinkers Safety Light

Pet lovers are sure to love the nighttime safety and security provided by the Pet Blinkers Safety Light. Pets outside in the dark are easily visible by other walkers or drivers on the road when they’re wearing this easily attachable light.

Price $6.95Where to find

Colorful Cat Springs

Imagine the hours of entertainment the feline in your life will experience with these bouncy Colorful Cat Springs. Something so simple is so much fun for cats, as they jump and pounce on the springy springs                                                                                                            Price $4.74 Where to find:

Xtreme Goodie Bone

Even the strongest canine chewer will work on this nearly indestructible toy for hours without tiring. Goodies (purchased separately) tuck into pockets in the ultra-strong rubber, providing extra incentive for hard chewing work.  

Price $9.99 Where to find

Giggler Balls

Cats, dogs and kids alike will love these silly balls that giggle while they’re played with. Toss them to Fido in the backyard, or let the cats play with them inside. Either way, the funny noises are sure to intrigue the pet on your gift list this year.

Price $7.95Where to find www.theanimal

Tempur-Pedic Dog Beds

Doesn’t your dog deserve the best? Invest in your pet’s overall health by giving the gift of a Tempur-Pedic bed. Available in all shapes and sizes, these orthopedic dog beds offer joint support, regulate body temperature and provide a better night’s sleep.

Price $59 to $295, depending on style  Where to find

Pet-size NFL jerseys

Get the entire family outfitted the right way for game day. You’ll please your pet and support your favorite team with the gift of a pet-size professional team jersey. Available for most professional teams and sports, you’re sure to find your favorite.

Price $29 to $45, depending on style

Where to find and most big-box pet supply stores