Do Good

Molly Logan Anderson

There is just no better time to consider a charitable donation than over the holidays because, for so many reasons, adults and children of our world are suffering and need our help.   Make an annual charitable donation to one of the following philanthropic organizations as part of your family’s holiday tradition. 

American Red Cross

What it does For 130 years, the American Red Cross has provided emergency response and relief from all kinds of disasters. Over the years, services have grown to include assisting the needy; the collection, processing and distribution of blood and blood products; and educational programs that promote health and safety, in addition to international relief and development programs.  

How to get involved Giving monetarily allows the Red Cross to continue its offerings, but becoming a volunteer, employee or donating blood helps, too. Do so at

Save the Children

What it does Whenever there’s a disaster of any kind, at home or abroad, Save the Children saves lives by providing food, medical care and education to those who need it. What’s more, the Save the Children mission involves remaining in the communities that need them, long after the initial disaster, to ensure communities can rebuild successfully.

Where to help Make a donation, sponsor a child or give a gift-in-kind at

The Salvation Army

What it does Help provide a holiday miracle and donate to one of The Salvation Army’s red kettles this season. Get more involved by contributing to its numerous programs, which help families all over our nation. Providing disaster relief, helping to find missing children, aiding with drug, and alcohol rehabilitation and offering senior services — The Salvation Army surely has a program that will interest you.

How to get involved Donate money, airline miles, automobiles, goods or your time at your local branch. You’ll find it at