Gifts for garden and outdoor enthusiasts

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The Steuben Courier Advocate

(StatePoint)  Finding a gift that the gardener in your life will appreciate can be an intimidating prospect. Those with green thumbs already tend to have well-stocked sheds and a favorite pair of pruning shears.

  But even the greenest thumb can benefit from a thoughtful gift. And with a little research, you may just innovate the way their garden grows.

The Veggie Lover:

Grow your favorite vegetable gardener’s library with a cookbook. There are plenty of titles out there written with the home gardener in mind.

Such recipe collections highlight dishes that call for fresh herbs and seasonal vegetables. A new book, “Wild Flavors” by Didi Emmons profiles dozens of uncommon garden plants, teaching you how to grow, forage, prep, store, and preserve each.

You will surely have some innovative meals coming your way.

The Landscaper

Gardening is no easy physical task, but don’t let your loved ones break their backs unnecessarily

Simple tools can go a long way toward easing heavy duty tasks in the lawn and garden. For example, PowerSharp, a chainsaw sharpening attachment from Oregon-brand outdoor products, makes the necessary task of maintaining your chainsaw’s sharpness quick and easy by sharpening on the job.

This helps get yard work done faster and with relative ease, especially when pruning and trimming. To learn more, visit  

The Plant Doctor

Gardening is both a science and an art, but the science need not pose a terrific intellectual challenge.

New products use sensors to measure important factors in soil, like moisture, pH, and nutrient availability.This simplifies diagnosing an ailing plant, so you can nurse it back to health before it is too late.

 Soil can be tested both electronically and chemically. Luster Leaf Gardening test kits allow gardeners to use either method, depending on what they’re trying to grow. To learn more about different types of sensors, visit:  

The Plotter

For the gardener who likes to plan in advance of the season, bulbs and seeds make a great gift. Because these can be stored before being planted, (some for years) don’t be shy about gifting bulbs and seeds any time of the year.

Just be sure the expiration date is far in the future. 

Seeds and bulbs make for an especially thoughtful gift, because it shows you are taking a personal stake in the contents of the garden. There’s a gift out there for every gardener. Just remember to consider the size and type of the growing space, the climate, and your recipient’s personal interest and taste when shopping.