Bath rings in holiday season

Mary Perham
Visitors pose with Santa last Friday evening, Dec. 2, at    Pulteney Square in Bath.

The Christmas season is official in Bath,  as Santa and his missus arrived in style Friday night, December 2, in Pulteney Square, where a gigantic tree was festooned with lights.

Visitors took their time to amble up and down festive Liberty Street, stopping in to enjoy merchants’ holiday activities and a puppet show. And the square was packed with vendors offering treats and enticing foods.

All that may have made the long wait to climb on Santa’s knee a little easier to bear for the youngsters waiting in line.

One young family was introducing their kids to Santa in the park for the first time. Brandon Greenwood and Carla Freeland waited with a calm Seth, 1, and an antsy Elaina, 3. It was the first time back for Greenwood, who said he remembers coming a couple of times when he was small.

But they’ll be back next year, Freeland said, with a wide smile.

“This will be a tradition,” she said.

Just behind the young family, the Plank girls, rosy-cheeked and bright-eyed, said they were ready for the big moment with Saint Nick.

Several of them passed the time petting an 8-week-old golden retriever in line ahead of them.

Whether that gave Rachel Plank, 8, the idea – or just an excuse to pet the pup – she said a golden retriever was what she wanted on Christmas Day.

Rachel even has the names picked out – Goldy, for a girl, and George, for a boy.

Rachel’s big sister, Sonya, had a bigger pet in mind.

“A horse,” she said, firmly. “I know how to ride. I love horse work.”

Sonya said the horse could be boarded at her aunt’s and (listen up, aunt) she would do the work.

Sonya had taken a ride in a carriage drawn by massive Belgian draft horses, and had only one word to describe them – “Cute, they are so cute.”

Visitors pose with Santa last Friday evening, Dec. 2, at    Pulteney Square in Bath.