Dr. Keith Dewey donates 100 Barbie Dolls in memory of wife

Press Release

Christmas came early this year for Catholic Charities of Steuben County in the form of a valuable Barbie Doll collection. Dr. Keith Dewey, a 20 year resident of Bath, donated 100 “collectable” Barbie Dolls in memory of his beloved wife of 63 years, Lewenna Flo Hoak Dewey.  

When asked why he wanted to give the collection to Catholic Charities, Dr. Dewey explained that when his wife passed away, two years ago, he didn’t know what to do with the collection. He thought of Catholic Charities and all that they do for the community (especially the poor and vulnerable) and felt it best to pass the collection along to the organization so that even more could be done for people in need.

Lewenna Dewey was no stranger to poverty, in the early years of her life. Thankfully, she was taken in, nurtured, and cared for by foster parents. As a way of giving back, Dr. and Mrs. Dewey became foster parents to children in need of care. They both felt strongly in supporting their community and in helping to care for the needs of others. They have donated generously in the past to Catholic Charities food pantry.

Doctor Dewey noted that he and his wife are the type of individuals who make an effort to “pay back” for all their blessings. As a retired Army Chaplain and a United Methodist Pastor, Dr. Dewey believes in taking care of the needs of others and investing in one’s community. Dr. Dewey told us that he has had many blessings over the years and that having an opportunity to give to an organization who helps the poor and operates a Therapeutic Foster Care Program, seemed like the perfect place to donate his wife’s treasured collection.

Catholic Charities of Steuben plans to sell the collection to help raise dollars to help support it’s Turning Point, anti-poverty program.  For information about the collection contact Catholic Charities at 607-776-8085.