Dormann to hold paranormal workshop

Press Release
Phenomenon and Paranormal Investigations (P.P.I.)

The Dormann Library will hold a workshop presented by Phenomenon and Paranormal Investigations (P.P.I.) at 6 p.m. Thursday, January 12 at the library, 101 West Morris Street, Bath. Slamming doors, footsteps, voices, sightings of apparitions; P.P.I. understands that hauntings are real. P.P.I,is a group of paranormal researchers founded by Christopher Pike that investigate places thought to have paranormal activity. These places could be areas such as churches, cemeteries, old battlefields, businesses and private homes.

P.P.I. is a paranormal research and investigation team that finds supporting evidence to deem a place or area haunted.

While the team tries to disprove or "debunk" any site that is said to be haunted, if the team has enough evidence to support its case, it will deem a place haunted.

This investigation team travels to different locations around the Southern NY and Northern PA areas to seek the truth behind the rumors. Join the library for this unusual presentation.