Reed outlines ’12 priorities

Jeffery Smith

Job creation, tax reform and shrinking the national debt are the three key issues U.S. Rep. Tom Reed will tackle in 2012.

“These are all very critical issues and the three we plan to focus on,” Reed, R-Corning, said Tuesday during a conference call. “Secondary to comprehensive tax reform is adopting an energy policy at the national level.”

Drilling the Marcellus Shale is a critical part of an energy policy, along with wind and renewable energy, Reed said.

“Hydrofracking is a key role and I think the state Department of Environmental Conservation is doing a great job, taking its time and evaluating it thoroughly,” Reed said. “I’m looking forward to seeing the DEC’s report, when it is released.”

The report on hydrofracking is expected to be released this spring, DEC officials have said.

Reed said he and his staff will strive to provide top service to constituents. In 2011, Reed held several town hall meetings throughout the district.

“We always make constituent service an office achievement and we will be proud of it again in 2012,” Reed said.