H’port food pantry assists 137 families for Christmas

Press Release
Volunteers help pack boxes at the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry.

A true community effort, which has acted for decades, in Hammondsport bought a brighter Christmas to 137 families in the Hammondsport School District last month.  Co-ordinated through The Community Services Committee, it began in October when families could sign up through the school or the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry.  The Hammondsport Women’s Club uses the list to buy an outfit for each child in the elementary grades and the Bostwick Club buys gifts for pre schoolers. The Heart to Heart Group and individuals  also adopt families.   The Food Pantry gathers groceries to fill a banana box and the Community Services provides a food certificate for each family.   The big effort starts with about 20 volunteers who pack the food boxes. The boxes and gifts are bought to the pick up points in Hammondsport, Pulteney, and  Wayne through the use of Mercury Aircraft trucks.  Several High School students help with the loading of the trucks.  Funding for the project is from the Community Services fund to which individuals contribute adding to the large donation from the Fred and Harriet Taylor Memorial Foundation. The many volunteers, some of whom put in dozens of hours are rewarded by the sense of community helping community.  The Food Pantry, also supported financially by the Taylor Fund, is grateful to the Churches in Hammondsport, the Boy Scouts, the National Honor Society, the grade school, the Library, and local merchants who all sponsor collections of food during the year. Individuals also contribute food and money to the Pantry all year.