Save-A-Lot parent owner Moran buys Bath P&C

Mary Perham

The P&C grocery store on West Morris Street has been sold to Moran Foods, locally known as Save-A-Lot.

The Federal Trade Commission last week approved the sale of the grocery store, which was owned by Tops.

Tops acquired the P&C store in early 2010 from Penn Traffic, which declared bankruptcy in November 2009. Tops also acquired other P&C stores in the area, including one in Hornell, which closed several months later.

The former P&C in Bath, located less than a mile from a second Tops supermarket, has remained open. The two stores are the only supermarkets in the Village of Bath.

FTC spokesman Mitchell J. Katz said the sale was ordered by the FTC to settle charges the acquisition of Penn Traffic Company was anti-competitive.

Rumors have circulated for weeks in Bath the P&C store would be purchased by Moran, the parent company of the popular low-cost grocery chain. Save-A-Lot was located on State Route 54, but closed abruptly in late May 2011.

Moran spokeswoman Shawn Tomlin could not be reached for comment on the company’s plans.