Property transactions

Staff reports

Real estate transactions filed in the Steuben County Clerk’s Office for November 28 through December 16, 2011.


• John E. Copeland and Michele A. Copeland to Laura A. Bess on Nov. 30 for $99,500.

• Jill K. Michielsen and Robert P. Michielsen to Eugene G. Cook on Dec. 16 for $142,000.

• Jamie L. Ordway and Jamie L. Obrochta to Joseph H. Patoine on Dec. 16 for $60,000.


• Larry F. Bennett and Sue Bennett to Kevin J. Murphy on Nov. 28 for $377,000.

• Catherine S. Kowal Trust to Kirk R. Brush on Nov. 30.

• Reta L. Longwell EST to Walter B. Longwell on Nov. 29.

• Reta L. Longwell EST to Kristen L. Vonhagn on Nov. 29.

• Curtis A. Rumsey to Eutoka Rumsey on Dec. 1.

• Shetara LLC to Steven K. Denison on Dec. 9 for $45,000.

• Elizabeth M. Bays Harding and Elizabeth M. B. Harding to Andrew E. Mcguire on Dec. 16 for $110,000.

• Alex W. Hoag and Nichole M. Hoag to Kevin H. Ludden on Dec. 14 for $16,900.

• Holland Land Company LTD to Kanona Land Company LLC on Dec. 13 for $40,000.

• Elizabeth J. Hopkins, Charles W. Muller Sr. EST, Frank G. Muller Jr., Frederick Muller Jr., Frederick J. Muller Sr. EST, George R. Muller, Jeffrey Muller, Thomas Muller, Phyllis M. Nielsen, and Kathryn Stratton to Gordon J. Vonderlin on Dec. 14.

• Evelyn L. Karwoski EST and Evelyn L. Rice EST to Adrian Perkins on Dec. 15.

• Andrew E. Mcguire to David M. Sisson on Dec. 16 for $60,000.


• Edna P. Barkley DEC, Edna W. Barkley DEC and Roger Barkley to Jeffrey Horton on Dec. 2 for $22,000.

• Philip L. Borden to Philip L. Borden on Dec. 8.


• Carol L. Haftl and Frank J. Haftl Jr. to David P. Ryan II on Dec. 2 for $119,000.

• Ylime LLC to Diane M. Murray on Dec. 2.

• Mary A. Bielski to Dickson Land Holdings LLC on Dec. 5 for $35,000.

• Onalee J. Clark and Robert L. Clark DEC to Andrew Spears on Dec. 12 for $93,300.

• Daniel L. Monahan to Inergy ASC LLC on Dec. 14 for $45,000.

• Barbara A. Prossick and Walter Prossick to Jacob A. Yoder on Dec. 13 for $28,000.


• Thomas W. Kashmer DEC and Tonya L. Kashmer to David E. Ratchford on Dec. 2 for $128,617.02.

• Amy P. Reed to William Park on Dec. 8.

• Janet Ash and Janet C. Ash to Mathew J. Seeley on Dec. 14 for $141,000.

• Gary Hunt and Gary W. Hunt to Hammon L. Sly Jr. on Dec. 12 for $277,000.


• Capital Green Lawn Care Inc. to Mark Zingaro on Dec. 8.

• Donald L. Hoffman Sr., Frances Hoffman, Frances I. Hoffman, Glenda S. Hoffman, Wayne O. Hoffman and Glenda S. Lese to Wayne O. Hoffman on Dec. 7.

• Glenda S. Hoffman, Wayne O. Hoffman and Glenda S. Lese to Wayne O. Hoffman on Dec. 7.

• Stacey M. Luccarelli to Barbara Drzal on Dec. 12.


• Pamela K. Mentz to Matthew T. Mentz on Nov. 28.

• Erin L. Rafalowski and Patricia A. Rafalowski to Ronald C. Dalle on Nov. 28 for $31,000.

• Secretary Housing & Urban Development to Glenn E. Spears on Nov. 28 for $40,100.

• Alice D. Slining and Kenneth D. Slining to Thomas E. Tschorke on Dec. 2 for $93,500.

• David Fleet and David L. Fleet to Charles Schimmel on Dec. 9 for $100,000.

• Joseph H. Patoine to Christie Emerson on Dec. 9 for $93,000.

• OWB REO LLC to Amber Soles on Dec. 15 for $30,500.


• Tracy A. Hall, William A. Hall, Tracy A. Horsefall and William A. Horsefall to William A. Hall on Nov. 28.

• Nora E. Hults and Russell T. Hults DEC to Walter J. Wright on Dec. 15.


• Gregory L. Peck and Sharon L. Peck to Paul Peck on Dec. 7.

• Gregory L. Peck and Sharon L. Peck to Phillip Peck on Dec. 7.

• Debra L. Wetherill and Robert L. Wetherill to Charisse Smith on Dec. 15 for $147,000.


• Gregory A. House and Jennifer S. House to Jennifer S. House on Dec. 8.

• David M. Hribar Sr. and Dawn J. Hribar to Amanda L. Thorpe on Dec. 7 for $91,000.

• Beverly H. Young and Frederick J. Young to Phyllis W. Bauer on Dec. 9.

• Beverly H. Young and Frederick J. Young to Teresa B. Scofield on Dec. 9.

• Gloria J. Byrwa, Robert Byrwa and Robert M. Byrwa to Felton Family Limited Partnership LLC on Dec. 16 for $75,000.

• Lynn M. Domras and Robert M. Domras Jr. to David. O. Martin on Dec. 15 for $230,000.

• Mary B. Jamison, Susan J. Kath, Glenda Ott and Glenda J. Ott to Elizabeth K. Engel on Dec. 13.

• Peter O. Johnstone EST to Anne R. Morton on Dec. 15 for $60,000.


• William Feinstein and Feinstein Joint Revocable Trust to Susan F. Dublin on Nov. 29 for $200,000.

• Christine Pulleyn and Christina Ribble to James R. Hicks on Nov. 28.

• Deborah Saavedra to Susan F. Dublin on Nov. 29 for $200,000.

• Kevin C. Walsh to Kevin C. Walsh on Nov. 28.

• Harry D. Doty and Sharon L. Doty to Joseph Steele Perkins on Dec. 7 for $47,500.

• Kristin F. Garretson and Preston S. Garretson to David M. Stewart on Dec. 5 for $380,000.

• Rose P. Nowicki and Heidi M. Tadder to Roy Woodard on Dec. 7 for $17,000.

• Vickie L. Perazzini to Craig D. Strokes on Dec. 7 for $113,000.

• Jean F. Hetherington to Richard Gray on Dec. 12 for $175,500.

• Ludlam Family Trust and Ludlam Survivors Trust to Debra L. Flood on Dec. 16.


• John C. Bryson III to Jonathan S. Dugan on Nov. 29 for $82,000.

• Kevin M. Corby to Kevin M. Corby on Dec. 1.

* Property prices less than $10,000 will not be reported.