Bath eyes changes to village codes

Mary Perham

Bath village trustees Tuesday enacted a 12-month moratorium designed to allow time for changes in village codes.

The moratorium would give officials time to look at laws regulating boarding houses in the village.

The regulations are expected to update current codes in an equitable and consistent way.

The village codes boarding house codes also could maintain the image of the village’s historic district and downtown area according to village Trustee Mark Bardeen. Bardeen is the village board’s liaison with the village planning and zoning boards.

The idea of revisiting codes also is a result of a recent issue, after Guthrie Medical and Health Care drew up plans for a clinic in a residential area in the village. The codes governing the locale were clearly confused, allowing for a hospital but prohibiting the clinic, and Guthrie withdrew its application. However, the plan outraged residents near the proposed project.

Bardeen said last week the village planning board also is considering ways to notify residents when big projects are planned for their areas.

--Such notification could prevent villagers’ outrage later – such as a recent case, in which Fairview Drive residents were upset about the construction of a large substation in their neighborhood.